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By Mohammed Munirat Nasir (Zamfara State Correspondent)

Zamfara state governor, Dr Bello Mohammed Matawalle, has enjoined the people of the state to defend themselves against bandits who attacks their communities.

Matawalle while speaking during the special prayer session to mark the second year anniversary of his administration said the people must stand to defend themselves against bandits to curb the senseless killing being perpetrated by those whom he described as the enemies of peace and progress.

The governor said to ensure that only trustful people particularly agile youths are engaged in the various communities, the state government will collaborate with the security agencies and traditional rulers to carry out the process.

"The Northern Governors have agreed that we engage those we call the Defenders of the people in all our states to be responsible for defending their communities from brutal attacks of bandits and other criminal elements in the society," he said.

The governor assured bandits informants and collaborators of severe consequence as any one found guilty will face stiffer prosecution.

Matawalle who once again swears in the public that he has no hand or happy about the activities of bandits challenged others to come out and also take the public oath as he has being doing to prove their innocence.

Securing the lives and property of every one in the state remains my number one priority," he said.

He called for collective efforts of all regardless of political affliction to support in the fight against banditry, kidnapping and cattle rustling.

"It is very unfortunate that some because of their selfish motives shows no concern or remorse when bad things happened in the state," he lamented. NNL.

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