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  • Disclaimer: I do not own exclusive rights to the "Venom" character just the drawing "Venom' and all other characters associated with it belong to Marvel Studios/Marvel Comics.

By Chinua Albert Okafor @The_RoboRai Artist Behind This Drawing

We are venom is a pencil and charcoal portrait based on the movie poster of Eddie Brock as portrayed by star actor Tom Hardy in the 2018 movie by Marvel Studios “Venom” and this artwork was done by one of Nigeria’s seasoned artists and owner of the YouTube channel The RoboRai, Chinua Albert Okafor.



By Chinua Albert Okafor 

 The Prince of Persia is a pencil portrait of a valiant and eponymous prince from Iran created by one of Nigeria’s young seasoned artist and founder of the YouTube Channel, Albert’s Realistic Technique (ART). 

The Prince of Persia is the spiritual predecessor to the Assassin's Creed Franchise. This 200 by 290 mm pencil-drawn portrait is a picture of the main character of the Prince of Persia video game franchise. A true classic video game hero. The prince of Persia drawing is a realistic representation of prince’s fierce nature. The detail and ready for battle pose in this drawing is exactly an application to the look and feel of the game series itself. That is why this drawing is being reviewed and investigated from its background, symbolism, form and style. Read the full article here

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