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By Chinua Albert Okafor 

The Prince of Persia is a pencil portrait of a valiant and eponymous prince from Iran created by one of Nigeria’s young seasoned artist and founder of the YouTube Channel, Albert’s Realistic Technique (ART).

The Prince of Persia is the spiritual predecessor to the Assassin's Creed Franchise. This 200 by 290 mm pencil-drawn portrait is a picture of the main character of the Prince of Persia video game franchise. A true classic video game hero. The prince of Persia drawing is a realistic representation of prince’s fierce nature. The detail and ready for battle pose in this drawing is exactly an application to the look and feel of the game series itself. That is why this drawing is being reviewed and investigated from its background, symbolism, form and style.

The artist was really touched by the rich and adventurous nature of the prince while covering the storyline of the video game, Prince of Persia Warrior Within, of which this drawing is based on. Chinua also is a fan of the video game oldies and classics and prefers them to some new gen AAA titles as he believes that they pack better storylines as games were supposed to be a form of literature, thus explaining why he drew this piece.  

Up till now the artist says he gets feelings of Nostalgia whenever he checks his computer and sees a copy of the trilogy combined with his affinity for history and the game which is set in the late 9th Century as seen in the drawing with the king style armor and rare sword design, the 2004 game gave rise to the idea of this drawing. 

Several months later, Chinua started work on the Prince of Persia which took 3 days to complete. According to the artist’s social platforms and the artist himself, Chinua has made over 30 drawings and some that are presently being drawn. He has done more of pencil monochrome drawings but up until recently, he has started making drawing with vibrant and lovely colors.

Chinua’s POP drawing is a classic example of grid and photorealism. He is really great at achieving photorealism in his works but hopes to get better levels of realism in the near future. Prince of Persia and the rest of artworks are always kept with the artist himself.

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