• Disclaimer: I do not own exclusive rights to the "Venom" character just the drawing "Venom' and all other characters associated with it belong to Marvel Studios/Marvel Comics.

By Chinua Albert Okafor @The_RoboRai Artist Behind This Drawing

We are venom is a pencil and charcoal portrait based on the movie poster of Eddie Brock as portrayed by star actor Tom Hardy in the 2018 movie by Marvel Studios “Venom” and this artwork was done by one of Nigeria’s seasoned artists and owner of the YouTube channel The RoboRai, Chinua Albert Okafor.

This 200 by 290 mm pencil-drawn portrait is a drawing of the main characters of the Venom movie franchise which is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A truly classic movie Hero/Villain. The “We are venom” drawing is a photorealistic representation of Eddie Brock’s Human/Alien Duality following his encounter with the alien life form known as “symbiote”. The detail put into this drawing to achieve the gel-like texture of the symbiote and the skin texture in this drawing is closely similar to the look and feel of the movie character itself. That is why this drawing is being reviewed and displayed from its background, symbolism, form, and style.

This drawing was done on A4 size drawing paper with a combination of tools such as B, 3B, 4B, 6B, 8B, 10B and soft charcoal pencils with a kneadable eraser, dry brush blending technique, and a white gel pen and this drawing took over 3 weeks to complete as I was trying to achieve photorealism while making small adjustments since I was referencing from the original movie poster, though I use references for some of my drawings I try not to fully photocopy everything because the is no point trying drawing exactly the same thing when its already a thing. I really loved the movie and I enjoyed every single moment of it and it thus prompted me to honor it by making a drawing of it as one of my favorite comic characters and I wanted to recreate the movie poster but with pencils and tailored to my style of drawing with the Halved effect I was able to achieve in this drawing, Though I saw this movie back in 2018 I was only able to make this drawing in 2021 because of school and the inadequate drawing tools I had at that time, and I have made over 30 drawings and more are In the works, I generally do more of pencil monochrome drawings but I also make drawings with vibrant and lovely colors.

This Venom drawing is a classic example of grid and photorealism. I try my best to achieve photorealism while changing some of the properties when compared to my reference image but I know I can still do better. We are Venom and the rest of my artworks are always kept with me. Want to follow me Chinua and catch up on all my latest artworks and other content I create then here are some links to my social platforms.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_robo_rai/

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