By Chinua Okafor

Now everyone these days wants to settle down for a good movie or TV show and if that’s what you are here for you are in luck we have lined up the top must watch trailers of this week, here is the list below



I guess CBS finally understands that Star Trek is the only justification to its All Access subscription service, so now it's swinging a new motion on the construct with a vital animated comedy centered around the otherwise neglected crew members on a Starfleet board. The huge series premieres in August 6th.


Brandon Cronenberg’s new shoot is a swish thriller near a bravo who takes over different people's bodies and uses them to wreak havoc. Cronenberg, same his begetter, seems to soul an eye toward infusing scary themes and horror into the films. Though there has been some speculation no premiere date has been confirmed yet.


Netflix keeps intelligent for season blockbusters, and Project Power looks like the trendiest. Jamie Foxx and Patriarch Gordon-Levitt character in this unlighted superhero movie set in a virtually port hagridden by users of a drug that temporarily gives you superpowers. It comes out August 14th.


Disney released a new trailer for their new Muppets show, which has the cast of the show fishing for a nice performance making the series which is the surface of a video gathering. It hits a little too approximate to residence, but it's rattling vessel done. It will be released July 31st.


Ethan Hawke stars as Nikola Tesla in this odd and melodramatic sensing biopic that seems to hurry between the departed and talk. For some understanding, it also involves Hawke occasionally slack against backdrops that lie similar they'd be in a creation Hollywood medium. Tesla premieres August 21st.

I guess thats our list of top trailers you need to check out

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