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Nkulee Dube is a South African Reggae musician and the daughter of the late Reggae legend Lucky Dube. She has made her mark in the Reggae music scene by carrying on her father's legacy and bringing a unique African flavor to the genre. Nkulee Dube's impact on Reggae music includes continuing to spread her father's messages of social justice, love, and unity through her own music. She has also contributed to expanding Reggae's global reach, particularly in Africa, where her music resonates deeply with audiences.

Nkulee Dube is keeping her father's band and legacy alive through several key actions:

  1. Performing with her father's band: She frequently performs with members of Lucky Dube's former band, ensuring that the musical style and energy reminiscent of her father's performances are maintained.

  2. Continuing to tour internationally: Nkulee Dube travels globally to perform at various Reggae festivals and concerts, introducing her father's music to new audiences and keeping his songs alive in the hearts of longtime fans.

  3. Recording and releasing music: She has released her own albums and singles that carry on the themes and style of her father's music. This includes songs that address social issues and promote positive messages, much like Lucky Dube's iconic songs.

  4. Honoring his memory: Nkulee actively participates in events and tributes dedicated to her father, ensuring that his contributions to Reggae music and his advocacy for social change are remembered and celebrated.

  5. Engaging with fans and the reggae community: Through social media, interviews, and performances, Nkulee Dube maintains a connection with fans of her father's music and the wider Reggae community, further cementing his legacy.

Overall, Nkulee Dube's dedication to her father's band and legacy is evident in her ongoing performances, recordings, and efforts to preserve and promote his music worldwide.

When time stands still, get up and make it move…. NKULEE DUBE & her band are fast approaching with shows in Europe at Reggae Jam Bersenbruck Germany on July 28th and at English Bay Beach in Vancouver Canada on August 11th.

“Through the journey of life we meet many people along the way. Each one has a purpose in our life. No one we meet is ever a coincidence. Never be scared to travel on a new path. The only thing stopping you from achieving the life that you want is you. You have started on the journey and it has not been an easy ride I know, so make it count. Don’t let everything you go through be for nothing” NNL.

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