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By:Adaora Okafor

After the whole hustle and bustle in the house, tension arose in the hearts of the housemates on the first Sunday live eviction show, Ka3na and Lilo were the first BBN housemates to be evicted from the house.

Up until then 18 house mates apart from the HOH(Lucy) and her deputy(Prince) were nominated to be up for eviction, little did they know that Ebuka had something else planned, out of the 18 housemates the audience were asked to nominate 4 housemates for eviction who were Praise,Eric,Lilo and Ka3na.

Interestingly, both housemates got into some entanglement while in the house especially Lilo who took a liking to Eric throughout her short stay despite revealing she had something serious outside the show and on the other hand Ka3na got briefly involved with Praise during the week despite being married.

Though Ebuka announced that two housemates out of the 4 nominated had to be evicted on the choice of preference from the other housemates as they were asked by Big Brother in the diary room.

Eric who had an intimate relationship with Lilo in the house couldnt bare to take the news of Lilo being evicted from the house lightly, but the game has to go on.


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