By Chinelo Ogbozor (Civil Society Reporter)

A pro-Buhari group, Buhari Media Organization (BMO), has warned the nation's security agencies including the military, DSS, Police, etc, not take lightly, the planned protest by the conveners of a civil coalition forces “Revolution Now”, dismissing the planned protest as a mere "subterfuge".

The group claims that the protest is another attempt by the coalition Convener, Omoyele Sowore, whom it described as an "anarchist" to actualise his desire for chaos and destabilization of the country. “Security agents, including the Directorate of State Services (DSS) must understand that what is being touted as a protest against corruption, is not what it is. It is that notorious group making an attempt to push its agenda of “revolution” under a seemingly innocuous umbrella", the group stated.

In a press statement by its Chairman, Niyi Akinsiju, and Secretary, Cassidy Madueke, the BMO called on security agents and government prosecutors to take notice of the potential breach of Mr Sowore’s bail conditions. The group recalled that one of the conditions for Sowore bail by the court was that he was not to attend or participate in any form of rallies or protests pending the determination of the charges against him.

“A protest by Sowore’s Revolution Now Group is a protest by Sowore, albeit by proxy. He is the planner and it should be seen for the subterfuge that it is. The objectives of this sinister and dangerous group have not changed. What we have here is Sowore playing puppeteer over the protesters to do his bidding.

“We call on the prosecutors of Sowore’s matter, the DSS and the courts not to take this breach lightly.”

It is recalled that the DSS had warned, a few weeks ago, that there were plans by some persons to destabilise the country. The Buhari Media Organization stated that, that warning was not unconnected with the evil plans by Mr Sowore and his men to start an uprising in the country. NNL.

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