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By Nahum Sule (Taraba State Correspondent, in Jalingo)

The new Governor of Taraba state, Agbu Kefas, has pledged to run an accountable, and inclusive governance, irrespective of tribe, religion and political affiliation in Taraba.

In an interactive chat with pressmen in Jalingo on Monday, governor Agbo assured that he will run an all-inclusive government that would make Taraba State a land where prosperity, abundance, unity, justice, and equity will thrive.

According to him, “You the people of Taraba state have given me the mandate to deliver, and I stand here today to state my commitment to you. I ask us all to put our differences aside, and come together as one to move Tarana forward.

“After all, the task of governance can only be successful when it's inclusive by engaging people from all works of life. We'll ensure that we remain accountable, and responsive to all. Today, my administration is open to working with all of you, and I'll always welcome constructive criticism.

“One of my key challenges is to address the challenges of insecurity, unemployment, gender marginalization and I will run an inclusive governance”, he said.

He further said his administration would remain accountable and responsible to the people of the state while his doors would remain open for constructive criticisms. NNL.

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