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By Celestine Okafor (Editor-in-Chief) @CelestineOkaf11

The Ozalla Community, a gateway town to Nkanuland in Enugu State, South East, Nigeria, was thrown into a celebration mood on Monday, as one of the United Kingdom-based daughter of the community, Melanie Nneka Onovo, won a Councillirship seat for Maryland Local Council Government in England in the just concluded July 4, 2024 elections.

Melanie who clinched her poll mandate on the UK Labour Party platform, Newham Labour group, is a History and Politics graduate from the University of Oxford. She was a Christ Church Scholar; previously on the Secretary's Committee of the Oxford Union and later moved on to become the Secretary and Treasurer of the Oxford Union.

She later worked for a British Member of Parliament (MP) before contesting for the position of Councillorship in Maryland. On the global plain, Melanie, recently, has become a strident voice against the twin evils of racism and discrimination. The Returning Officer for the election, at the weekend, had announced that Melanie Onovo and Liz Cronin, both of Labour Party, have been elected as Newham councillors for the Maryland and Forest Gate wards.

An ecstatic Melanie while reacting to her victory at the polls, simply quipped: "I’m deeply honoured to have been elected Councillor for Maryland. I am so moved by the faith residents have put in me. No matter how you voted, I’ll be a present advocate for your needs. A truly historic night for the country. The people have voted for change"

The brand new council parliamentarian was noted to have shown serious commitment to her election campaigns with such infectious determination that the residents and voters in Maryland galvanised massive support for her.

Hours before the election day proper, Melanie Nneka Onovo, had consistently reminded her council area electorates at Newham, Maryland that Labour Party was the sure bet for them to make a change for the better in their lives and in lives of all Britons, as against the poor showings by the Conservative Party in government over a period.

Back in Africa, in Melanie's native community of Ozalla, Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu State, South East, Nigeria, it has been great ululation by Melanie's town's folks celebrating the electoral victory and political prowess of their illustrious daughter who has proved her mettle in the precarious field of politics and public governance in a foreign land, a colonial country for that matter known for her agelong conservatism. She has indeed made her people, 'Ndi Ozalla (Ozara) Okpatu Oke', proud!

This fact was however acknowledged sufficiently by the able President-General of Ozalla Development Union (ODU), Chief Patrick Obiora Okwuibe when he gushed: "HISTORY IS MADE.IN OUR OWN TIME...Ozalla, it is a new vista, consequently, we the entire members of Ozalla Development Union, worldwide are proud to identify with the success of our dear daughter who has made Ozalla, Nkanuland, Enugu state and Nigeria proud in a fiercely contested elections, in the conservative but highly prestigious United Kingdom, in the constituent country of England.

"We wish to congratulate Nneka, her parents and all who nutured her to the realization of this lofty goal!. Unaguably, this is the first time ever an Ozalla born contested, won and holds a political office off the shores of Nigeria, BIG DEAL! Indeed history is made!. As we warmly convey the great feeling of pleasure of Ndị Ozalla in this achievement, ODU sincerely look forward to presenting Nneka to Nkanu West Council and Government of Enugu state in due course.

"We are proud of you, Honourable Councillor Melanie Nneka Onovo".NNL.

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