It is a known fact in today’s world that HIV AIDs and other STD’s (Sexually Transmitte4 Diseases) are becoming prevalent. Also men (real marriageable husbands), are believed to be scarce, but today’s Nigerian woman can mingle freely on the singles scene and create for herself, the

opportunity of meeting an attractive, employed man (prospective husband) who is ready and committed for a serious relationship. But the single lady must first get her acts together, boost her confidence and present herself as the interesting, caring and attractive mate that such a prospective husband desires. She should make finding herself the No. I priority. Only then, will she be in a better position to meet her elusive Mr Right. Here are 10 tips that will help women of all ‘ages in their ultimate search attract and hold the men’s attention in all circumstance:

  1. Love Yourself First:

Most important, a single searching woman must first love herself and do all that is necessary to be the best person she can be before getting involved in a serious relationship. Rule, number one: exercise well to get in good shape and proper body built to enhance your physical appearance. Also eat right and take care of your body to look healthy. Secondly, ensure you are doing your best on your job. Improve your academic knowledge to enhance your career and personal interests. Thirdly, develop and pursue hobbies and interests that gives, you a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment. Develop your spirituality by regularly attending your religious worships and reading spiritual literatures and the Holy Books. No man can fill the void of anything missing in your life. Just take steps to be happy and love yourself. Then only will you increase your chances of attracting the attention of a great mate.

  1. Always look your very best:

    First impression is the only lasting impression in people’s memories. Always present yourself in the most attractive manner possible. First rule is that you must tone and firm up your body to look good in your clothes through regular body exercises. Master the art of doing your own hair well or make regular visit to the Salon to equally treat yourself to a good manicure and pedicure. Get pointers on how to properly apply your makeup. Do try to update your look: Makeup should enhance your natural features, rather than make you look garish and clownish. ‘Visit your Dentist doctor regularly to ensure oral hygiene and do take good care of your teeth. Your clothes should always be clean neat and flattering. Update your wardrobe. Keep in mind that clothing has a language of its own, similar to body language. From your clothing, others can tell your age, sex, class and more clothing defines and describes the individual because you might meet when you step across your threshold. Therefore, you must be ready, and keep in mind that your appearance how you dress, hair style, how you smail, walk and stand – all affect the image you present even before you even say a word. Therefore, you must be ready, and keep in mind that your appearance — how you1 dress, hair dress, hair style, how you smile, walk and stand — all affect •the image you present even V before you even say a word.

  2. Fine tune your body Language:

    Learn the fine art of non-verbal communication. Body language is important, for you are sending out many messages with your body without realizing it. Hand gestures and facial expressions tell a lot about you. Be confident and self-assured, but not arrogant or cocky. Don’t fidget o look insecure, no matter the circumstance. Many women still don’t realize that regardless of how good-looking and accomplished men are, they are sometimes easily intimidated. So they, certainly will avoid a woman they think will -snub their advances or give them a hard time. Any woman or searching single with the look of don’t-mess-with-me will hardly be approached by interested men. Grace and grit are necessary to maneuver through the singles scene V these days, but you ‘need a personality that will stand out in the crowd rather than fade into the wood-work. But be careful also not to give off any vibrations of “I’m desperate for a man”.

  3. Smile And Be friendly:

to make social connections, you must find a way around your shyness. Flirt responsibly sometimes. Try to be more vivacious. Those who succeed in attracting the opposite sex devote time and attention to the art of being friendly. Women who •are overly, friendly, effervescent females who are always the centre of attention, do have lots of male friends. They may’ not necessarily be flirting, but they are not shy about stopping a good-looking man on the street to ask for directions or the time. They don’t mind going to a party or reception by themselves, for they are comfortable meeting people. But be clear about the distinction between being friendly and being “loose”. Striking up a conversation with a male stranger is not the same as going to bed with him. Casual friendliness and harmless flirtation open doors and heads and hearts. A short cordial conversation could yield important data, such as whether a man is single or married an indication as to whether he is a nice brother or a cad.IMG 4699

  1. Keep The Conversation Upbeat:

    Don’t tell too much about yourself too soon. When you do finally meet a nice man who shows an interest in you, don’t turn him off by narrating your personal problems. He’s not your therapist. We all have met people .who within five minutes of conversation, are telling you about a mean boss, an unfaithful friend, an awful stepmother, persistent creditors or all their past relationships. While such tit-bits might make juicy conversation with the girls, don’t delve into such personal details with a new male friend. Sure, he wants to get to know you, but focus the conversation away from depressing subjects. Open up and talk about yourself. Don’t gossip and badmouth others for it gives regrettable impression about you. Make yourself interesting by being knowledgeable about current events.

  2. Get Out And Get Involved:

Don’t sit at home and sulk. Get out and get involved and enhance your life by broadening your horizon. Expand your life and the people in it. Interesting people attract the attention of other interesting people. Your goal should be to meet as many engaging people as possible, and among them, you just might run into the perfect man for you. So volunteer some of your free time to work with a social service and professional arganisation. A lot of eligible, men are usually on board of such organizations. Also, try and attend try and attend at least one major national convention each year or the other big meetings that brings together people from all walks of life. National gatherings are proven grounds for successful match-making and networking.

  1. Ask Him Out:

We are in the millennium age. It’s okay for a searching single woman to ask a man out, and a great number of man like it. So, when you spot a new guy in your neighborhood, in your office building or at your church, and after you have broken the ice and introduced yourself, ask him out. And be specific: Say something like “Would you like to meet for lunch, dinner or Coffee (dinner rinks) after work on Wednesday?”. If you do the asking, also decide whether to meet with the guy (new date) at your home or at another location. But remember, if you ask him out, you should pay for the outing, unless he persists after you insist on paying. Visiting the Cinema or Movie centre is not really ideal for such first date as you are likely to spend hours watching V films instance without getting to V know each other by conversation. Be prepared to end the date in an appropriate fashion and at a n appropriate time. A peck on the cheek or lips or casual hug is acceptable ways to say goodbye. Let him make the suggestion for a follow-up date. If the outing is disappointing or if you never hear from him again, don’t blame yourself. Don’t give up either. Ask another intriguing man to go out with you.

  1. Visit New Places:

The book store is one of the most interesting places to attract and meet new people. It’s a great place to browse and keep one eye on your fellow browser while scanning your subjects of interest. If you spot someone interesting, you can gradually work your way to his area and politely ask a question about a book or subject. The types of men who might spend time in a book store (businessmen, accountants, doctors, lawyers, journalists, etc) make good catches. They are likely to be intelligent and have an interest in reading and bettering their lives. Also, Art galleries, music stores, theatrical events and even large churches are great places to meet interesting men.

  1. Know Sports:

Knowing something about sports is a big plus for a searching single woman. You can get an edge on the competition by being able to talk intelligently about sports, know the local and international sports stars who hit the big goals and won medals and, accolades. Know the highest scorers in the sporting game. Attend some games to get a feel for the sport, and you just might meet someone special.

  1. Give Him A Challenge:

Don’t make it too easy for him, once you meet a nice guy and the chemistry is right. That is one of the worst things to do. If you live in different cities, insist that he travel and visit you first. Let him decide where your first date will be, and let him pick you up at home or at another designated place. Don’t call him unless you’re returning his phone call. And when he does” call, end the conversation first and leave him wanting more. It’s not a good idea to give too much time too soon. Many men want to see you every day in the beginning, but then lose interest afterwards. It might, seem old- fashioned, but never sleep with a man on the first date. With HIV/AIDS and other sexual transmitted diseases plaguing the dating scene, it is a good idea to take your time and get to know your partner well. On a final note, for a searching single woman to attract and hold the attention of a good man, you must first get your acts together. Take care of your body. Dress well and attractively. Get out and mingle with people. Smile and be friendly. And be friendly. And have something interesting to talk about. Look great, feel good about yourself. Enjoy your life to the fullest. Your energy and vivaciousness certainly can attract the right man.

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