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By Chinua Okafor

It’s been just over a week since Fortnite developer Epic Games and Apple started an extraordinary legal fight concerning its App Store guidelines, following with a lawsuit exposing how and why the companies move toward into conflict.

This later resulted in Apple releasing proof in the form of a series of emails from Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, where it was explained that Epic Games was requesting for Apple to grant Fortnite immunity from its typical 30 percent cut and to permit Epic to use its mobile app store.

Epic Games and Apple started having issues since June, the emails display widespread negotiations between Sweeney and Apple before Epic took action to integrate a substitute payment system into the Fortnite app, and this ended with Apple removing it from the App Store last week.

It seems Epic had bigger plans for the payment system, as they wanted it to be a general upgrade for all IOS developers at large asking for Apple to reconstruct the App store and IOS as we know it, but seeing as Apple is a rigid company it seemed very unlikely that they will be willing to make any changes to the App

Epic Games CEO also said in a statement that if the alternate payment system was used by Apple it will mean more earnings for the developers and less cost for customers using the digital products.

After a series of back and forths of legal and executive actions between Apple and Sweeney it eventually led to the removal of Fortnite form the App store on August 13th after which Epic Games stated that for the action taken by Apple, they will no longer be working with Apple’s payment processing system.

Tim Sweeney went further to say that Epic and Apple going into a legal clash is most likely saying that “If Apple chooses instead to take punitive action by blocking consumer access to Fortnite or forthcoming updates, then Epic will, regrettably, conflict with Apple on a multitude of fronts - creative, technical, business, and legal - for so long as it takes to bring about change, if necessary for many years.”

All said the two companies are definitely going to be in the hot seat for some time.

Take a look at what ensued with the PDF file below:

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