By Chinua Okafor @iam_robo_rai

The messaging app signal has recently added support for group video calls with a maximum of 5 users. The group calls can be initiated by tapping on the video call button located at the top of a supported group chat.

The calls made through the app are “end-to-end encrypted — just the rest of Signal,” the company says. By default, participants are arranged in a nice grid format, but it’s possible to swipe up for a view that focuses on the person talking.


You can swipe up to focus on the person talking (GIF above)

With a limited number of five participants per video call Signal isn’t going to be rivaling zoom any time soon but the company says it's working hard to increase the number drastically.

Group video calls are available in the service’s iOS and Android apps, as of now they are just new-style Signal group chats and are not available for older, legacy chats. Signal unveiled its new group chats back in October, integrating support for @mentions, group admins, and more granular permissions. However, Signal says older legacy chats will soon get updates to get the new chat-style in the coming weeks, Signal says.

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