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By Chinua Okafor @The_Robo_Rai

Sony PlayStation 5's first major media update was released in beta form today, and it lets you expand the console's 667GB of available storage by using a PCIe Gen 4 SSD, as well as test new interface options and expand 3D Audio support.

Sony neglected to highlight a few features in the full changelog, including an easy update for DualSense controllers if you press the wrong button. The PS5 currently has a pitfall: the only way to update your controller is when the console is booted. Unless you tweak your PS5's internal clock (or say no to the update or accidentally press O instead of X) you cannot trigger that update for at least 24 hours. But under Settings > Accessories > Controllers, you will now find a new menu item called Wireless Controller Device Software. As before, controller update prompts will appear when you launch the console, and pressing the circle button will dismiss them.

You are also able to easily shut down the console with the beta, which addresses another annoying problem with the UI. I don't know why Sony switched from allowing you to long-press the PS button to requiring you to tap extra times, but you can decide how many taps it takes you. You can drag any of these buttons (including the digital power button) to a new location in the quick actions menu by pressing the hamburger/start button. And with the PS5’s parental control feature, you can monitor what your kids can play, watch, and do, and you can approve these requests using the internet. The latest beta update now lets you respond to those requests using the mobile PS App, so you won't have to send emails anymore.

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