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By Ankeli Emmanuel (Sokoto)

Irked by the way bandits have to continue to gain the courage to kill, main, steal, rape, and kidnap innocent citizens unhindered, youths in Goronyo local government area of Sokoto State have taken the path of jungle justice by setting three suspected bandits ablaze.

The bandits were said to have met their waterloo when they stormed Ruga village, a Fulani settlement on the outskirts of Goronyo local government.

Sources from the local government hinted that the three suspected bandits including a woman came to Ruga at about midnight to rustle cattle but were severely resisted by the Fulani which also led to the apprehension of the three of the gang members.

On how these bandits were arrested, Mallam Ibrahim Goronyo, affirmed that because of the frequency of unprovoked attacks by these bandits, most of the locals have gone ahead to fortify themselves against bullets, cutlass, and knife cuts, and any other sharp but dangerous objects.

Continuing, Ibrahim said, hence bullets don't penetrate the Fulanis of Ruga settlement. They brace the odds, dare the monsters (bandits), and went after them and arrested two men and a woman in the process.

The Fulanis, it was gathered, in an effort to tow the path of law, took the three suspected bandits to the local vigilante in the morning for onward transfer to the appropriate authority.

However, that was not to be, as the youths of that community came out en mass to demand jungle justice on the suspected bandits.

Suspecting that the vigilante might be trying to transfer the bandits to the nearest police station, the youths became angry and decided to attack the office of the vigilante group where the suspects were temporarily kept.

One of the youths who preferred anonymity said, “We got the news of what happened late in the night and decided that we will go to Ruga settlement the next morning to find out for ourselves.

"We were however told in the morning that those arrested bandits have been taken to the office of the vigilante group. We instantly mobilized the youths of the community and followed up to the vigilante group.

"While at the vigilante group's office, our anger was aroused by the comments of the bandits who were claiming that even if they are taken to the security agencies, they will soon regain their freedom.

"On hearing this, the youths decided to go for jungle justice. They overpowered the local vigilante and set their office ablaze. One of the suspects died inside the office while another one with the female tried to escape through the window but were caught, killed, and their corpses burnt to ashes,”

At the time of filing this report, efforts to reach the State Public Relations Officer of the Sokoto Police Command proved unsuccessful. NNL.

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