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  • * Says 'We Have Resorted To Prayers For God’s Intervention'

By Sharon Ngozi Nwabiani (Senior Correspondent, in Lagos)

The family of late Simon Nnadozie has appealed to the Nigerian Police Force to intensify efforts in the search and rescue of their son, David Nnadozie (junior) who has been missing since Sunday, January 2, 2022, a day after the New Year.

David Nnadozie junior, aged 25, according to a statement from the family, had visited Dems Park, Akowonjo area of Lagos for picnic in company of his mother and two other siblings and has not returned home since then.

The disappearance David Nnadozie (jnr), known among his friends and peers as ‘Prince’, is coming barely ten months after his relocation to house No 6, Wole Soyinka Street, Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos, after an outing with some family members.

A spokesperson for the family, Chinwendu Nnadozie, said the entire Nnadozie family of Unubi in Nnewi-South Local Government Area of Anambra state, has been thrown into confusion and agony following the sudden disappearance of David, with no trace of his whereabouts yet.

“We reported the case of his disappearance at the Gowon Estate Divisional Police Office, Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos, on the 5th January 2022, and we have been keeping in touch with the police, trying to get update, but uptill, now nothing has been heard of him”.

Chinwendu, an Aunt to the missing young man, said: “It has been over two weeks now since his disappearance. We are appealing to the Nigerian Police to help us by intensifying their search for our son. I know that they are capable of rescuing him wherever he may be.

"The news of the sudden disappearance of the young man was shocking and seen more as a bad omen to the family, especially starting the new year on a sad note", Chinwendu said, adding however that, “We have resorted to prayers for his safe return. With God, nothing is impossible”.

According to her, “It is only God that can help us in times like this. His disappearance is really a mystery. What can we do than to keep praying that God keeps him safe and also help the police in their search and rescue operations of our son.

“If we call his number sometimes, it will get through and sometimes it will be indicating, ‘unreachable’. The police had told us last week that they have been able to trace his number to Lagos, and since then, we didn’t hear anything again from them", Chinwendu lamented.

The Nnaedozie family however called on members of the public who may have any information whatsoever about the missing David Nnaedozie to endeavor to contact any police formation anywhere across the country. NNL.

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