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By Celestine Okafor (Editor-in-Chief)

A coalition of 15 Civil Society Organizations, (CSOs) has, in Abuja, alerted the Inspector General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba, to a likely threat to the public peace through the activities of an illegal group using the death of Keren Akpagher, a student of the Premiere Academy in Abuja, as a cover.

According to the coordinator of the Coalition, Deacon Okezi Odugala, a certain group named "Justice for Keren Movement" has through its leader, one Ikem Anthony Kalzeeni, embarked on incitement and premeditated acts of civil disorder to threaten public peace.

He specifically accused the movement of targeting significant and well-placed individuals for planned physical attacks and cyberbullying.
The Coalition expressed surprise at the flagrant breach of the provisions of the privacy law as well as the cybercrime law that protects citizens against cyberbullying, counseling the law enforcement agencies to immediately invite Kalzeeni and his cohorts for questioning as a way to forestall impending public disturbance.

Deacon Odugala likened the activities of this group and those of the hoodlums and criminals, calling on law enforcement agencies to move swiftly and nip their unwholesome activities in the bud.
The Coalition also advised CSOs to be more circumspect about public advocacy issues and resist temptation and offers from dubious sources to breach public peace. NNL.

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