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By Nahum Sule (Taraba State Correspondent, in Jalingo)

The Jukun Youths of Southern Taraba in Diaspora under the leadership of Ezekiel Apaji Danjuma, have slammed the governor of Taraba state, Arch. Darius Dickson Ishaku, for abandoning the funeral and traditional rites for the burial of the late Aku Uka of Wukari, leaving the traditional council with no choice than to solicit for an open donation.

In a statement by the youth leader and obtain by NIGERIAN NEWSLEADER Correspondent, it reads that "It's heartbreaking for us to read a letter trending on social media soliciting financial assistance. Only the person that lacks goes out to seek donation. If the Taraba state government takes the committee into cognizance and provided all that is needed they will never go public to beg for funds for the burial of Wukari Monarch.

"For the records, we want to state that our traditional rulers have never been hungry and ruled with an empty stomach in the history of our land as when our son become a Governor. During His Excellency, former Governor (Rev) Jolly T. Nyame, we got a fitting Palace with outstanding allowances that makes the traditional council enviable of all sons and daughters of the land and during His Excellency late Pharm. Danbaba D. Suntai, the status quo was maintained but in the past 6 years, we know how these councils were left unfunded and abandoned with months of outstanding salaries.

"Before the Taraba state government will come out and threaten our fathers and the most exalted throne in the land, they should disseminate what they have executed since the committee was inaugurated to this effect? We are more disappointed in the Taraba state government for abandoning our fathers to the point of they going public to seek help. Thin is against the Jukun tradition.

"We are not orphans and we lack nothing but our traditional institutions can't die or famish because of pretension. Have traditional councils gone unrestricted, yearning for financial assistance before now? So Why now? Because they lack and they won't become land grabbers to satisfy their needs and if they do, we will be at the receiving end.

"We, therefore, stand with the Wukari Traditional Council even though it's against our culture to go begging but it's better to beg than to steal or covet people's properties. We have never seen a man that has everything going to beg. Which means, the traditional councils were truly underfunded and this specific letter substantiates the report by Taraba Truth and Fact that ministries and departments under the DDI regime are a shadow of themselves.

"This is the same man that wants to become our Senator in 2023 threatening our traditional institutions like pupils in Nursery and primary schools instead of owning up to his responsibility. Let Taraba state government wake up to her responsibility before our traditional fathers will turn their subjects into slaves.

"We call on the Taraba state government to withdraw it's derogatory letter to our prestigious and glorified traditional council and apologise to our traditional fathers and start funding their administrative costs.

"If His Excellency, Architect Darius Dickson Ishaku, the Executive Governor of Taraba state has anything to say about that purported letter, it should be an interrogation into the Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs grant of the traditional councils and appropriate embargoes to them for forsaking the Committee to the point of them going public to beg.

"But he left his failed cupboard partners and tried to threaten our royalty and heritage and the only glory we have as Apajukun of the great Kwararafa Kingdom is unacceptable.

"This royalty is the only glory of our race before and after Architect Darius Dickson Ishaku administration and we'll never accept a humiliation of an age-long heritage by temporary powers. You can not beat someone and expect him to stop sobbing.

"This is a very clear indication that our eminent traditional councils are hungry and the local government and chieftaincy affairs must nourish them. It also means the Taraba state administration is underperforming. Less I forget, our Royal fathers whom you elevated to 3rd class chiefs two years ago are still moving about on Okada without an official vehicle from the state government Sir.

"Your Excellency, your state actors are threatening our fathers and our only heritage and you want to lead us in the senate? If the traditional stool is this precious to you, we expect you to install one in your town with your executive power. The same institution that mobilized over 90,000 votes for you today and you are threatening her like your children"?

According to the statement, it says the Jukuns are not slaves and the threat to muzzle them to silence will not be accepted. Also stressing that the governor media aide, Bala Dan Abu, should stay away from disrespecting their tradition. NNL.

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