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By Chinua Okafor

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world’s most well-known athletes, has been infected by the coronavirus, Portugal’s soccer federation announced this on Tuesday.

The federation’s announcement stated that Ronaldo was not exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19, and that the footballer had entered into isolation. The remaining players on the team continued with their preparations for a match against Sweden on Wednesday in Lisbon.

After Ronaldo’s positive case the remaining players were all tested on Tuesday morning to which they all tested negative.

Due to Ronaldo’s current state, he will have to be absent to the Wednesday’s Nations Cup game against Sweden, the federation said.

On Monday, he took to his social media accounts and uploaded a photo of himself dining with the rest of his teammates.

The post's caption read "United on and off the field"

From Ronaldo’s positive case, many clubs are afraid that allowing their players to go on trips to virus hot spots — particularly in South America, where qualifying for the 2022 World Cup began last week — could leave them susceptible to infection or cause them to bring the virus back to their European squads.

Most players who have travelled now have to face restrictions and/or quarantines or miss league games as a means of preventing the virus from spreading. Ronaldo briefly escaped infection earlier this year when the virus ran wild in his team. At least three other Juventus players — Paulo Dybala, Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi — tested positive in the first wave of cases earlier this year.

The recent spike in cases among the soccer teams has led to a lot of matches being postponed or rescheduled this year. On Monday, the league declared that it had suspended the next three matches including the Colorado Rapids after an outbreak on that team.

We can only wish Cristiano Ronaldo and other COVID-19 positive players a speedy recovery hoping that there won’t be any complications or fatalities recorded among them.

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