By Chinua Okafor

Though Dragon Quest 11 came out in 2018, it has been travelling to other gaming platforms. It's available on the PC, PS4, and Switch - and now it's finally arriving to the Xbox One. During its Xbox Series X scope today.

It was stated by Microsoft that the "definitive edition" of the RPG Dragon Quest 11 title is expected to come to its Xbox console this December 4th 2020. It'll also be accessible through Xbox Game Pass.


Also the Definitive Edition is going to be released on the same day for PS4 and Steam respectively.

The information is especially intriguing because it commences the series' entry to Xbox platforms. Even though it is one of the most popular game franchises from Japan, Dragon Quest has mostly struggled in the West. That, connected with the Xbox's shrimpy presence in Japan, has made the two very unlikelyto work.

Though Recently,Japanese role-playing games have recorded sucess on the Xbox One, this is largely attributed to the really popular Final Fantasy franchise joining Xbox Game Pass also.

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