By Chinua Okafor

Recently a white variant of the Xbox Series X controller has just surfaced online. The picture of the white controller was posted on Reddit over the weekend by Reddit username “Wolfy Wizzardo”, even though the user deleted the image and their profile “which seems to be a trend on Reddit”.

The Reddit user was said to have taken a photo of the controller at a child’s birthday party hosted their parents in which one of them seems to be a Microsoft employee.

The controller by itself features a new d-pad which is latest in the Xbox Series X controllers, together with the new share button in which Microsoft is delivering on upcoming controllers. The Reddit user apparently reported that the setup which is connected is similarly white in color as well as it “looked a whole lot more squarish as well as the Xbox button appeared larger on it.”

In addition, they were said to have played games from the console, and therefore the interface still appeared to be like the Xbox One UI. It is as if Microsoft is sticking largely towards the same Xbox theme that was on the Xbox One, with a few minor adjustments and improvements to make it possible for new capabilities such as Quick Resume. Many were speculating that the appearance of this white Xbox controller could propose the existence of an extra Xbox console which is upcoming.

Many were speculating that this particular white Xbox controller could propose the existence of an extra Xbox which is upcoming. Microsoft is reported to be unveiling their second more affordable Xbox which is going to be named “codename Lockhart” which is due August.  It is not really evident that the lightly colored controller as well as the gaming console is real or not or a special edition Xbox Series X. More to come concerning this information if it will be revealed} at all.

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