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By Juliet Okafor (Managing Editor) @Aunty_jvin

Hey there, you extraordinary person reading this, I assume you are here because you are trying to start an online E-commerce business or you are stuck trying to increase and upgrade your existing E-commerce business, don’t worry, what we are going to be discussing will help you go a very long way.

With the whole pandemic and the world under lockdown, we have all been forced to stay home and several business owners have been forced to sell their products online, and with more people at home, you know what this means.

First of all, what is E-commerce and what does this mean to you as an online E-commerce business owner?

E-commerce or Electronic commerce is as the name implies is a modern and electronic marketplace where you can execute business transactions, purchase or sell products online. These  E-commerce services are either offered as physical products or other digital services such as Graphics designing, web development writing e.t.c and E-commerce deals with the stress of time management and hiring lots of people without thinking of monthly salaries or office spaces. That sounds great right?.

As an online E-commerce business owner, you can take advantage of the pandemic, while a lot of people are currently carrying out their daily activities at home, so many potential customers at their various homes will find your products convenient, and getting these products to your customers, marketing and dedicated dropshipping is now easier than ever before through Fiverr, so don’t worry about that.

Starting an online business can be a very daunting task to tackle, especially, if you are a solo business owner, but worry not, we are here to help you gather information for your start-up. Let us introduce to you a very special online service called Fiverr and how it can help you greatly scale up your online E-commerce business.

So what is Fiverr and what are its services?

Fiverr is the largest and best online Freelance marketplace with over 2.5 million customers around the world, where sellers (You) can sell their products in the form of “Gigs” by choosing your price starting point, you can even offer your products in "Gig packages" example(Basic, Pro, Premium) for your potential customers to have a wider and more flexible choice to choose from, these customers can find these "Gigs" and place orders for whatever service the seller is providing, these services include writing, graphics design, web development and other trendy popular niches(You must be registered on Fiverr to buy or sell anything. Don’t worry the registration process is simple and seamless.

Here you can register and start selling on Fiverr even with your google account

Click Here to start selling on Fiverr

These are ways Fiverr can help you scale up your online E-commerce business.

Ecommerce setup

1.Fiverr can help with setting up your E-commerce store.

Let’s start at the beginning, let’s say you have a great business idea and you have everything planned out, now here comes the hard part. Setting up an online E-commerce business in the first place can be really hard and confusing for a beginner, especially if the individual is not a website developer. This is where Fiverr comes in, as the best and largest online freelance marketplace. Setting up a store can be as easy as ABC if you want to own a “Gig” on  Fiverr, even though you can also sign up with other E-commerce platforms such as; Amazon, Shopify, and Woo Commerce, which are dedicated to E-commerce, you can still do a lot with Fiverr. What you just need to do after signing up is to search for Freelancers that can help you build professional E-commerce websites at reasonable prices. For instance, there are Freelancers on Fiverr that offer a host of services that can help you while starting up, ranging from designing a professional business plan for you, offering virtual assistance, dropshipping, and others. it is really a good place to search.

So go ahead use this to register or search Fiverr for things freelancers can help you with

Register on Fiverr

Try searching E-commerce and see what Fiverr Freelancers can help you with

 laptop design

2.Fiverr can help you with design and graphics

A business is just as good as its logo and design. Graphics and design can turn out to be a nightmare because it is time-consuming and really tiring and even more so employing a good artist can cost you big bucks. In this case when you are trying to maximize the efficiency of your capital. Fiverr can help with this problem, hiring a graphics designer on Fiverr is one of the best ways to get high-quality art for your business. These professional and skilled designers on Fiverr will design anything from simple Logos to more complex graphics for your business website or page which is more affordable with no loss in quality.

Use this link to go to Fiverr

Go to Fiverr

Search for Graphics Designer and see what they can do for you don’t forget to hire someone.

business consulting

3.You can find a good Business Consultant on Fiverr

Okay you have finished planning and setting up your online E-commerce business and you're looking for a second opinion or professional advice Fiverr can help you with that too. Business consultancy can go along way for any E-commerce business owner. Fiverr’s large base offers professionals, people of great skill, scale you through with valuable advice and suggestions of any kind, be it strategical, legal, and financial. They will even help you straighten out the bumps and lumps of your business as well as answering the important questions you might have.

Try searching Business Consultancy and see what freelancers can help you with


business management


4.Looking for ways to manage some areas of your business? Try Fiverr.

We all can’t do everything at the same time trying to do this can cause you lots and lots of stress which we all don’t want and Fiverr is the answer. You see having an online business is more than just buying and selling, you will still have to take into account all the other areas like managing orders, sending emails, providing a reliable customer support line, etc. The answer to this problem is Fiverr.  All you just need to do is to find a freelancer to do this for you and you kill three birds with one stone: salaries, office space, and management of your business.  Fiverr is the way to go.


5.To advertise your business like a pro. Don’t forget about Fiverr

The freelancers on Fiverr can advertise your business the way you like it. The freelancers on Fiverr will even help you with Social Media Marketing, which is the most popular method of advertising. I'm not talking about one platform, multiple of them like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Fiverr is home to the best freelancers who will help you with advanced marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization(SEO), which will make sure your business comes out top in google searches.

delivery image

6.Delivering your products through Dropshipping is easier with Fiverr 

Dropshipping is a linear form of retail service where the seller(you) receives the customer's orders and have them delivered directly from the wholesaler without stocking the products in your inventory, This can make delivering physical products easier and you can find skilled Freelancers on Fiverr who will help you set up your dropshipping business model if you require it for your business.

Don’t forget to visit Fiverr

Thanks for reading and I hope you find Fiverr useful in your journey don’t forget to share with your friends.Good Luck with your business.

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