By Dare Tinubu (Entertainment Reporter)

A Muslim Nigerian lady, Zara Gambo, a young muslim lady from the North West Nigeria and die-hard fan of singing sensation, Whizkid, has announced that she is no longer a Wizkid fan after the singer described president Muhammadu Buhari derogatorily as an "old man".

Zara was very livid at what she viewed as Whizkid's indiscretion. She maintained that it was disrespectful and unnecessary on the part of Whiskid to insult the President with his age. Consequently, Zara said she is no longer a fan of the kid singer, as she does not subscribe to disrespecting people, no matter the circumstance.

Zara wrote in her tweet:

“Wizkid calling Buhari “old man” is uncalled for as he could call him to act against SARS illegitimate operations without disrespecting him. If disrespecting elderly people or VIPs is what would made him modern Fela then I’m no longer wizkid stan. I support no disrespect #EndSarsNow” she tweeted. NNL.

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