By Ankeli Emmanuel (In Sokoto State)

An obvious reaction to the current realities bedeviling the polity as regard which region gets the Presidential slot in the next general election in 2023, governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal of Sokoto state has noted that leadership of the country should be mutually complementary and beneficial to Nigerians in other to guarantee betterment of Nigeria.

Towards achieving this, Tambuwal, therefore, observed that no one group of people or region has the monopoly to govern Nigeria. "Leadership of the country is mutually complementary as Nigeria belongs to every Nigerian, and no one will send anyone out of the country hence the need to remain together for the betterment of the country"

Bearing this in mind, Tambuwal warned that nobody should arrogate leadership of Nigeria to any region, religion, or tribe to the exclusion of other people.

Speaking when the Christian Association Of Nigeria (CAN) President, Rev Ayo Olakunle Samson, paid him a courtesy visit in Sokoto Government House, governor Tambuwal called on all and sundry to see beyond pecuniary interests and work towards ensuring the continued existence of Nigeria above every other consideration.

Suggesting the kind of leader that is best for Nigeria, Tambuwal said he or she must be someone that understands the issues of diversities and be inclusive in his approach to governance, without tribal or religious sentiments.

Recalling that both Islam and Christianity have been co-existing even before the amalgamation of Nigeria, Tambuwal said, "Those who know history said Christianity and Islam belong to the same root,” stressing that “Jerusalem and Damascus” were examples of places where the two religions are being practiced side by side.

''There is the need for us to continue practicing the teaching of the two religions as ordained by God. If we go by the real teachings of the two religions, there wouldn't be friction or any reason to fight one another", Gov.Tambuwal assured.

While commending the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar 111, and the CAN President for their relentless efforts in preaching peace and unity in Nigeria, Tambuwal said Sokoto state is home to every Nigerian irrespective of religious, tribal, or ethnic differences.

Towards oiling this unity, Tambuwal said all children of other Nigerians resident in Sokoto who attend public schools are exempted from paying fees the same way indigenes of the state enjoy free education.

A statement by Tambuwal's spokesperson, Muhammad Bello, quoted the governor as saying the State government’s Zakat and Waqaf Commission pays medical bills of indigent Nigerians resident in the stateside by side those of the less privileged state indigenes.

In his remarks, the CAN President, Rev. Olasupo said he was in Sokoto to interact with the Sultanate, the government, and people of the state on how to find solutions to the security challenges being faced in the country.

Calling on Muslims and Christians to live in harmony, Rev. Olasupo condoled with the people of the state over the loss of lives occasioned by the unfortunate incidences of bandit's attacks in some communities of the state. NNL.

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