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By Chinua Okafor

The herald of next gen graphics processing

With the launch/release of the gpu named the Titan RTX by the American technology company Nvidia Corporation in late December 2018, there has been a lot of speculation around the Titan RTX and its capabilities in terms of graphics processing.

Nvidia unleashed the all powerful Titan into the GPU consumer market, a high end graphics processor aimed at professionals and high graphic development. Now without a doubt, the Nvidia Turing lineage of graphics cards has been out for a while now, with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 and the RTX 2080 Ti leading on top of the group. Right now the Titan RTX has been crowned the most powerful consumer gpu in the world yet.

The Nvidia’s Titan pack of graphics cards have always been built with high end graphics users in mind unlike the GeForceline up which is aimed at gamers and gaming. But that doesn’t mean that the Titan cannot be used for gaming, it only addresses the fact that the GPU contains more power than needed for 3D gaming, even though it seems to have met a worthy task which is playing the high end game by Microsoft Gears Of War 5 at 8K quality. But with such a hefty price tag on the Titan RTX who would argue with its power.

I wouldn’t say you should save up for this GPU if you’re just looking to do some sweet gaming on a decent gaming PC build. But, if you’re working with video creation, 3D modeling and or CGI and you’re looking for the best gpu out there then you can consider going for the Titan RTX. We are going to dish out all the specs and price of the Titan RTX in this article Image.

Titan RTX price

The price of the Nvidia Titan RTX is a real shell shocker with a price tag coming in at a whopping $2,499.99 approximately $2,500 or £2,399 or AU$3,999, that is about N903,388 naira if you are buying from Nigeria. It is without a doubt really pricey. And it is more than twice the price of the already hefty GeForceRTX 2080.

But still keep in mind that the GPU is aimed at the professional consumer, and it also comes in higher than the last titan card, the Nvidia Titan X Pascal, which is priced at $1,299 or £1,159 and AU$1,590.

However, the Titan V which the RTX follows, has a more sleek design and should be crowned the most expensive graphics card priced at $2,999 or £2,800 or AU$4,699. It is also a bit more powerful than the Titan RTX but it isn’t the most powerful because the Titan RTX packs a larger amount of VRAM (Video memory) than the Titan V.

The Nvidia Titan RTX specs

The Nvidia Titan RTX is really a powerful GPU, with 24 GB (gigabytes) GDDR6 of VRAM and approximately 4,608 CUDA cores, not to mention that the GPU also support Microsoft’s latest rendering technology DirectX 12, also capable of achieving 8k quality as stated earlier. You will be struck with a lot of graphics processing power, as you will pay a large amount as the price tag implies. But compared to its predecessor, the Nvidia Titan X Pascal which came in with only half of the VRAM at 12GB VRAM and 3,840 CUDA cores, the difference in performance is noticeable as it is doubled.

But we still have to keep in mind that the Titan RTX uses the Turing Architecture which is a more powerful architecture than the Pascal Architecture; this means that with the Turing architecture, there are Tensor for AI and Deep Learning and the RT cores for ray-tracing. As you can expect from a graphics card that costs twice as much, it completely beats the GeForce RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti hands down searing with 576 Tensor cores and 72 RT cores leaving the RTX 2080 with 544 Tensor cores and 68 RT cores, we can already expect much more performance from the Titan RTX coming from The lower 2080 Ti.

Nvidia also stated that the Titan RTX is capable of achieving 11 GigaRays per second (GRS /s) with 130 teraflops of deep learning performance, which means that it is really useful to scientists and other high end graphics and simulation users.

The Titan is also compatible with NvLink the much more laterversion of SLI, unlike multi-GPU configurations used by computers of the past, the VRAM allocated will scale with NvLink implying that you can attain 48 Gigs of VRAM with two Titan RTX GPU’s with more than 100 GB/s speeds.

To sum it all up, the Nvidia Titan RTX definitely takes the cake and has truly proved that it is indeed the most powerful graphics card, so long as you can afford the crushing price tag it comes with. NNL.

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